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Automatic lines

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The DPPL-55, DPPL-55MUI, and DPPL-70 automatic bread slicing and packaging lines

Fully automatic bread slicing and packaging lines are designed to slice and pack different types of bread: toast bread, tin bread, artisan bread, round bread, rye bread, and oval bread. Each line has different parameters for different capacities but all of them are made for quick and efficient slicing and packing. Bread slicing and packing in full loaves and in halves, automatic blades lubrication system, and easy maintenance reduce labor costs and increase productivity for each bakery.


continuous operation

Up to 4200 pcs.

per hour

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Advantages of automatic slicing and packaging lines

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  • Unique blade lubrication and cleaning system (fog-free, non-contact)
  • Up to 5 times lower oil consumption thanks to the oil regeneration and filtration system
  • Half-turning mechanism allows slicing of different shapes of bread products
  • Even suitable for slicing 100 % black rye bread
  • Adjustable speed of conveyor and band blades using frequency converters and servo motors
  • Packaging of sliced and unsliced bread
  • Bags are closed using a clip band, tape, or twist, with or without sealing
  • High-quality, reliable components: Festo, SKF, Omron, GE, SEW, Habasit
  • Stainless steel design
  • LAN internet connection for remote servicing
  • Recipes changed simply and quickly via the HMI display
  • Option: integrated metal detector
  • Option: date printing on the clip band (8, 11, or 16 symbols) using a thermal or inkjet printer

Frequently asked questions

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How to prevent frequent braking of blades?

1. Check that the drums and blade guides are clean.
2. Check the operation of the blade cleaner.
3. Check the tension parameters of the blades according to the technical passport.
4. Check whether blades are changed according to the specified rules for using band blades.
5. Check whether the saw lubrication system is working (whether the points of splashing are
&nbsp &nbsp &nbspnot blocked, whether the engines are working).
6. If the product contains rye flour, check whether the saw lubrication system is working.
7. If the saws are covered with dough: check whether the product to be cut is sufficiently cooled, increase the amount of oil for lubrication of blades.
8. Check whether blade guide rods (fingers) are not damaged.
9. Check the sharpness of the blades, if they are worn, the blades need to be replaced.

Can the devices be adjusted to the size of the room?

The size and layout of many units can be adjusted according to the room available and connected devices. For a specific product, contact sales@dovaina.lt.

Can the devices be connected to existing equipment from other manufacturers?

Our experienced team of engineers and designers can adapt newly manufactured equipment to your existing equipment.

How long will the project take to implement?

We will provide you with a customised project solution and a commercial offer within 2 weeks. Project timeframe from 3 months.

Do you provide certificates and a guarantee?

All Dovaina units are CE-certified internationally and come with a 12-month warranty. We can offer an additional warranty of up to 36 months.

What should I do if my equipment breaks down?

Our service team is ready to help 24/7. Many units can be checked remotely. Service contacts: sales@dovaina.lt, +370 649 10444

What if I need spare parts?

We'll make sure you get quality parts for your equipment quickly. If necessary, please contact our service: servis@dovaina.lt, +370 649 10444 or our representative in your country.