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Manufacture of equipment for industrial bakeries to increase productivity. Using automation, flexible design solutions, years of experience, and taking into account the existing constraints of our clients, we optimise the flow of bread from the oven to cooling, slicing, packaging, and package closing.

Cooling and transportation

  • Increased production efficiency through faster cooling and transport of products
  • Improved product quality and shelf life
  • Space-saving, suitable for installation in confined areas

Slicing and packaging

  • Different cutting and packaging methods to suit the client’s needs
  • Seamless movement of the product is ensured without compromising its appearance
  • Faster line operation results in increased output of finished products
Automatic lines packaging and bagging

Automatic lines

Fully automated production lines for continuous and smooth slicing and packaging of any type or shape of bread.

automatines duonos pjaustymo ir pakavimo sistemos

Semi-automatic lines

Semi-automated production line for continuous and smooth slicing and packaging of various types or shapes of bread.

bread slicer machine commercial

Bread slicers

Commercial bread slicing equipment for slicing different types of products.

Round bread slicer in halves

Round bread slicer in halves

The ADPP is a special slicer designed to cut round loaves in half. Perfect bread slicer machine for bakery.

Gaterine duonos pjaustyklė

Reciprocating blade bread slicer

The DP-20 is an industrial bread cutter for cutting sweet bread products with a high sugar content, containing dried fruits or berries.

high speed bread slicer

Horizontal slicing machines with band blade

The BDP is a high-speed bread slicer designed to cut sponge cakes or buns horizontally into two, three, or more parts.

professional bread slicer

Horizontal slicing machine with disk blades

The BDP-xD is a bread slicing machine specially designed for horizontal partial cutting of baguettes, and hamburger, hot dog, and other buns. Manufactured to make two different cuts: a partial cut on one side, and a partial cut on both sides leaving a small uncut part in the middle.

Bread chip slicer machine

Bread chips slicer

The TP-60 is an automatic slicer designed to slice bread products into extra thin slices and arrange them on baking trays or conveyor belts for further processing.

baguette slicer machine

Baguette slicer

The BPI-100 is a cutting machine designed for vertical partial cutting of baguettes, and hot dog and other buns from the top.

bakery packaging solutions

Bread packaging machines

Industrial bread packaging and bag closing machinery designed for packaging various sliced and unsliced bread products.


  • In-house logistics facilities significantly reduce the need for manual labour
  • Easy to adapt to different crate sizes

Other equipment

  • Various automation solutions for food production lines
  • Automated equipment that saves manual labour
  • Streamlined equipment that optimises production capacity

Seamless process

By manufacturing most of the components internally, we have control and a deep understanding of every detail that goes into our equipment.

Consulting and developing solutions

We can flexibly respond to individual client needs.

We design

Our expertise and resources allow optimisation of the manufacturing process.

We manufacture

We manufacture our equipment internally, which makes us more resilient to supply chain disruptions.

We deliver and install

Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we ensure smooth installation of the equipment.

We test

We provide quality assurance through testing and remote diagnostics.

Warranty and maintenance

For our equipment, we offer warranty, maintenance, and supply of spare parts.

We will find the best automation solution for your production line together

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