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Band blades

Band blades for bread slicers

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  • wide assortment
  • for different bread slicers
  • production in accordance with individual order
  • engraving
  • strict production control
  • patented blade grinding system
  • possibility of sharpening blades
  • products are certified

Frequently asked questions

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How to prevent frequent braking of blades?

1. Check that the drums and blade guides are clean;
2. Check the operation of the blade cleaner;
3. Check the tension parameters of the blades according to the technical passport;
4. Check whether blades are changed according to the specified rules for using band blades;
5. Check whether the saw lubrication system is working (whether the points of splashing are not blocked, whether the engines are working);
6. If the product contains rye flour, check whether the saw lubrication system is working;
7. If the saws are covered with dough: check whether the product to be cut is sufficiently cooled, increase the amount of oil for lubrication of blades;
8. Check whether blade guide rods (fingers) are not damaged;
9. Check the sharpness of the blades, if they are worn, the blades need to be replaced.