Scalded dough (Semi liquid production) dosing station AFFER-200

Technical characteristics
Maximum weight 300 kg
Hopper capacity 0,5 m³
Air supply 0,1 m³/min, 6 Bar
Power input 1 kW
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Device weight 500 kg

Precise and durable equipment AFFER-200 Is designed for dosing scalded dough or other semi-liquid consistency products. It has dough pour-out equipment which improves productivity. Thanks to the processor with a touch screen it is easy to control and change parameters (adjust dosing and operate pour-out equipment), helps quickly detect and remove errors.

AFFER-20 stands on a metal panel which can be fastened to the ground with screws. This equipment can be manufactured according to individual needs and complies with highest hygiene requirements.