Sandwich line BPS-100


Open the bun

Horizontal cut

Cut the edge


Technical characteristics
Bun diameter up to 85 mm
Length of bun up to 300 mm
Amount of applied butter from 5 to 40 g
Capacity up to 60 pcs / min
Power input 4 kW
Power supply 3 x 400V, 50/60 Hz

Efficient, precise and durable equipment is specially designed in order to improve capacity of bakeries and reduce labor costs. BPS is made for vertical slicing of buns, dosing and application of butter or other sauces. The sandwich line consists of three major parts. BPI-100 vertical slicer (A) – cuts, takes out the angle and opens the bun. After BPI – 100 the bun goes to STI-20 (B) and to SPI-60 (C) that apply butter or sauces on the bun and then it travels by conveyor for further actions like application of other ingredients (depending on clients’ needs).

A – equipment BPI-100 is designed for vertical slicing of buns with diameters of 300x85x50 or less. Equipment also has an additional knife for triangular cut-out.

B – equipment STI – 20 is designed for spreading butter on severed and opened buns. Butter can be applied in a thin layer (3-20g.)

C – SPI – 20 is dossing equipment that can work with butter, curds or any other ingredients.

It is possible to adjust the speed of conveyor and blades, slicing depth, diameter and amount of butter or sauces.

Thanks to the processor with a touch screen, it is easy to control the machine and change its parameters. Also, it makes error detecting and removing easier. The machine can be monitored and controlled remotely, using a computer or even a phone. In case of a malfunction or an update – manufacturer can access the processor via the internet for eliminating errors or updating the software.

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