Metal detector with transporter MD 450-200

Technical characteristics
Product length max 400 mm
Product height max 150 mm
Stainless steel 1.6 mm
Ferrous metals 1.0 mm
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz
Storage temperature -10/+50 C°
Working temperature 0/+50 C°

Efficient, precise and durable equipment MD 450-200 was made to detect metals in products. Can be ordered with different options: stops and gives signal after metal detection or removes product from conveyor. It is possible to connect it with slicing, clipping or other equipment (depending on client needs).

Possibility to mount equipment on existing conveyors or use it separately (with it‘s own conveyor). If equipment was ordered as separate device, it will have it’s own conveyor on wheels with brakes for easier relocation.

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