Automatic line for dough bun notch BTI-2

Technical characteristics
Maximum length of dough bun 800 mm
Dough bun diameter 35 - 75 mm
Notch angle position on bun 0 - 90 ⁰
Capacity up to 35 pcs / min
Power input 3 kW
Power supply 3 x 400V, 50/60 Hz
Air supply min 7,0 bar

Efficient, precise and durable BTI-2 dough bun notching equipment is an automatic line, developed to increase capacity of bakeries. Thanks to the processor with a touch screen, it is easy to operate the equipment, change and save parameters for different products and detect errors.

After the rounder dough travels by conveyor to BTI-2 where it gets selected a notch pattern. Because of adjustable notch angle and depth, speed of conveyor and blades, the equipment can be used for many different products. The machine has an automatic oil spray on trays.

It is possible to connect this device with a rounder and a baking tray in order to reduce labor cost and to increase productivity. The BTI – 2 can be manufactured according to individual needs.

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