Cleaning and coating

We have many years of experience in metal scrubbing, painting and metal constructions manufacturing. High quality and efficient machinery, experienced and qualified staff guarantee an exceptionally high quality.

Metal scrubing

We perform manual abrasive scrubbing with iron sand of various metal constructions, metal profiles, welded constructions, assemblies, and containers.

Roughness of the cleaned surface depends on the used abrasive, needs of the client, or technological requirements of further processing of the surface (priming, painting, etc.). The most popular cleaning class SA-2,5 according to ISO 12944-4 ensures good grip of steel surface and anticorrosion covering. The dimensions of the cleaning chamber are 20m x 4m x 5m, hence we can clean large constructions and containers too.

Metal painting

We paint various metal constructions using high-pressure airless painting device, manufactured by the I.B.K. company. Device develops pressure of 240 bars. Technology of vacuum-injection allows us to use paint of higher viscosity and ensure higher painting quality.

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