Horizontal and vertical slicers

DP-70 vertical bread slicing machine

Top quality bread slicing machine for various types of bread. Designed to be effective and easy to use.

x 2

up to 70 pcs / min

BDP horizontal slicing machines

Machine for cutting various types of buns and biscuits. Manufactured to make one or more horizontal slices.

x 2

up to 60 pcs / min

BDP-xD horizontal cutting machines

Machine for cutting various types of buns. Manufactured to make two different cuts (butterfly cut and hinge cut) using same machine.

x 2

up to 250 pcs / min

ADPP round bread slicer in halves

ADPP – industrial equipment for medium and large bakeries. Slicer and turner, as a single integrated device is made for slicing round (black and white) bread in halves and after rotating them by 90 degrees.

x 2

12 - 15 pcs / min