About Us

Our vision: Fast and effective solutions known worldwide, the highest manufacturing standards and technological processes, highly-skilled and happy employees

Our mission is to design unique manufacturing automatization solutions and create effective food industry equipment in order to increase our clients competitive advantage in their businesses.


UAB Dovaina was established in 1988, on the same year our first workshop was opened and started manufacturing rubber products for truck brakes.


In 1992 our company expanded more into the market and started offering spare parts for trucks, cargo trailers and buses. Currently we are one of the biggest companies in Lithuania who can offer such parts for the vehicles mentioned before.
Our wide range of products helps us meet the needs of our clients, as well as our partners who are this sector’s biggest bus fleet, logistic companies and truck services in Lithuania and in our neighboring countries.


In 1998 we started a new activity in processing, manufacturing, cleaning and coating of non-standard metal products and constructions. We offer a wide range of products from small constructions to bulky metal ship feathers.


In 2003 UAB Dovaina started to manufacture equipment for the food production industry. Because of our wide range of highly quality equipment, we became well known in Lithuania and internationally.