About us

Our goal – to provide high quality equipment with attractive design, maximum functionality and durability.

Our mission – Moving forward with latest technologies, offer more equipment for food production industry, which would help to improve, optimize and automate processes of our clients bakeries, and on the same time would reduce environment pollution, as well negative effects on employees.


Establishment of JSC Dovaina and opening of first workshop in Dovainonys. First activities was manufacturing of rubber products for truck brakes.


Company has expanded its activities and started to offer spare parts for trucks, cargo trailers and buses. At the moment we are one of the biggest companies in Lithuania, offering parts for mentioned vehicles. Wide list of products, helps to meet our clients needs. Our partners for this sector are the biggest Lithuania and neighboring countries buses fleets, logistic companies and truck services.


New activity has been launched – processing, manufacturing, cleaning and coating of non standard metal products and constructions. We are offering from small constructions to bulky metal ship feathers.


JSD Dovaina started to manufacture equipment for the food production industry. Offering wide range of high quality equipments, we became well-known in Lithuania and internationally.


Thanks to constructors, engineers and other specialists working in this company, we can help our clients, to develop projects from idea, project preparation and manufacturing of equipment, till installation. All of our equipments are manufactured according to each client individual needs, in order to maximally optimize and/or automate processing and manufacturing of clients bakery. We take care of our services after installation as well, thats why our service is online and ready to help 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, whole year.

Customer reviews

RUGB "Vitebskchlebprom"


chief engineer
A. V. Korolev

With the help of two semi-automatic lines DPP-40 we slice and pack a wide range of bread and cake products. This device is easy to operate, economical and all functions are easily accessible. The supplier promptly carries out technical maintenance of the devices. The major repairs, was replacement of blades, which is easy and takes only few minutes. After we acquired this equipment, sales of our products increased up to 10-15 percents.

RUGB "Grodnochlebprom"


deputy chief engineer
R. V. Raginskij

We are satisfied regarding automatic bread slicing and bagging line DPPL-40, that we are using in our bakery. Maximum productivity of this line – 40 units./min. Professionals from Dovaina company had carried out technical maintenance of the equipment promptly and professionally. We were satisfied, when after we had informed about problems of the machine, engineer from Dovaina arrived on the same day and eliminated errors. Previously for the packaging of bread products we were using two Media Matik type packaging devices, each of them was serviced by two employees. After we installed automatic lines from JSC Dovaina Ltd. we are glad to keep the same productivity and it takes only one person to operate the device.

AAB "Sluckij Chlebozavod"


chief engineer
Šavnev S. V.

We have been using semi-automatic DPP-40 since February 2010. Products, that we use with this machine are: sliced and packed in halves cakes (weight 0.5 kg), scalded breads (weight 0.8, 0.9 and 1.1 kg), oval and rectangular breads (weight 0.7 kg). Productivity of the line is from 12000 to 15000 units per day depending on the range of bread products. It‘s easy to operate this equipment, there were no failures requiring repair during the period of operation. Technical maintenance of the device is performed according to the agreed schedule. We are glad to have this device.


JSC Dovaina

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LT-56341 Lithuania


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Commercial department (equipment for food production industry)

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